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09-16-2002, 10:15 AM
A few interesting pieces of rock gossip going around this week. Thought I'd sum them up in one place.
Everyone continues to e-mail me about Zebra. I've mailed Randy Jackson for an update, but meanwhile, he appeared on stage in Houston last night, proclaiming that the new Zebra CD would be titled 4 and will be released March 11, 2003.
Yes, that's not a typo - March next year! Thanks go to Scott and another who were at the show and mailed in that news

I keep getting more and more hits on the radio station. I also have a link there at Melodicrock.com, so that may be why. I think we are going to have a huge release on March 11. Randy should move the date to March 3, 2003, so it reads (03/03/03). I know it is Monday, but release it through the internet first, then the stores.