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08-03-2002, 02:18 PM
Hey everyone - this is my first post.

Been listening to Zebra since around the time 3.V came out (I'm 29 now....but the video for "Who's Behind the Door" is in my memory).

Even though I live on L.I., I have actually only seen them twice (the best being when they opened up for BOC a couple of summers ago at Vanderbilt), and Randy Jackson solo once (opening for Thin Lizzy at Mulcahy's).

All 3 studio records are great. I sort of put the first one in its own class, and put NTL & 3.V in their own class. All the live albums are also really good - and the interview at the end of the King Biscuit CD is very enjoyable & informative. Does anyone know where to get ahold of some more Zebra interviews??

I guess it is my own wish that they would be a bit more active as a band. It is just so hard to believe that it's taken so ridiculously long to put out another studio record - it's almost become a running joke at this point. Perhaps a double-album is in order??

Also - Randy seems to be concentrating a lot more on his solo shows than with Zebra. Does anyone know why this is?? I mean - his solo shows are all well & good....but it doesn't even come close to the full power-trio experience of the band. I guess maybe for Felix & Guy, the band just isn't the priority in their lives it once was - as is now more of a hobby. But - what do I know?? This is just my theory/opinion, and everyone's entitled to one!

In any case - I will be there tonight at Downtown. I'm definitely looking forward to the show - and I hope they play EVERYTHING!!!

08-03-2002, 02:28 PM
come to the show at the downtown tonight. stop by my wheelchair for a chat. ill be up front. i kinda agree about randy and zebra. with all randy's other projects it looks like zebra has taken a backseat to all of them. hope to see ya at the show tonight.

08-03-2002, 03:40 PM
I will do just that......I'll actually be wearing my Who shirt (purchased this past Thursday night).

I would love to see a recent interview with Zebra to clear up the questions about priorities, and just where Zebra stands in 2002 in the lives of the members.

08-04-2002, 07:00 PM
Give us a report on the show and if thay played any new new tunes .

08-04-2002, 11:56 PM

You can hear some more interviews with Randy and Felix, and also some in-studio music. When you log onto thedoor.com and you get the menu on the left side of the screen of where you want to go on the site, click on "links" then click on the "tour bus." Good stuff!